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• Sprayer Nozzles and Droplet Size
• 2014: Herbicide Resistance Changes Agriculture Forever
• 2014 Beltwide: Time of Day Influence on Control of Palmer Amaranth by Dicamba Tank Mixes
• 2012: How Tillage and Application Timing of Reflex Affects Palmer Amaranth Control
• 2012 Weed Control Update Peanut, Field Corn, Soybean, Grain Sorghum, Canola
• 2011: Weed Control and Crop Tolerance with 2,4-D in the Southeast & MidSouth
• 2010 Beltwide - Consultants Conference
• 2010 Beltwide - Palmer amaranth response to Ignite, 2,4-D, and Clarity.
• 2010 Beltwide - Using Cover Crops or Moldboard Plowing to Control Palmer Amaranth
• 2010 Beltwide - Value of Transgenics
• 2005: Weed Control Update - Peanut, Field Corn, Soybeans, Sunflowers
• 2004: Weed Control Update for Peanut, Field Corn, and Sunflowers
• Developing An Herbicide-Resistant Weed Management Plan
• Diagnosing Herbicide Injury Problems
• Environmental Factors That Influence Herbicide Performance
• Field Plots & Agricultural Research
• Get the Most from Your POSTs
• Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Has the Potential to Devastate Georgia Agriculture
• Herbicide Drift Symptomology
• Herbicide Modes of Action
• Herbicide Resistant Weeds and Their Management
• How Serious is the Herbicide Resistant Weed Issue?
• Influence of Tractor Speed and Boom Height on Spray Coverage
• Lessons Learned (or not) in 2007
• Living and Learning with Herbicide Resistant Weeds
• Managing Palmer Amaranth (Peanuts, Field Corn, Soybeans)
• New Developments in Weed Control (2009)
• New Developments in Field Crop Weed Control for 2010
• Non-Selective Applicators for the Control of Palmer Amaranth (2011 SWSS)
• Nutsedge Biology: Implications for Management
• Perplexing Pigweed Problems in 2004
• Pesticide Drift Management
• Purple Moonflower Control with Postemergence Herbicides (Poster)
• Should I Stay or Should I Grow? The nutsedge dilemma in polyethylene mulch systems
• Understanding Herbicide Additives
• Using the Weed Contest Concept to Train Georgia County Extension Agents (WSSA 2007)
• Water Volume, Tractor Speed, and Nozzle Type Effects on Spray Coverage
• Weed Control in the Landscape - A presentation for Master Gardeners
• What's Happening in Weed Control - 2001
• Whole-Farm Weed Management Practices For Palmer Amaranth Control




COTTON                 ** View archived cotton presentations
• 2014: Cotton Weed Update for Alabama Growers
• 2014 Cotton Update For Growers
• 2012: Changes in Cotton Weed Management Practices in Georgia Following the Development of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth
• 2012 Cotton Production Meeting
• 2012 Grower Meetings: Diversity and Integration; Keys to Surviving in a Palmer World
• 2012: Weed Management and Crop Injury when Intercropping Melons and Cotton
• 2011 Beltwide: Managing glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth using 2,4-D systems in Dow AgroSciences Herbicide Trait Technology (DHT) Cotton In GA, NC, and TN.
• 2011 Beltwide: New Products/Technologies/Concerns WEEDS
• 2011 Beltwide: Tillage impacts Reflex control of Palmer amaranth.
• 2011 Cotton County Weed Meetings
• 2011 Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Management in Cotton
• 2011: Impact of cover crop residue and tillage on the control of glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth
• 2010 Beltwide - Cotton Response to Milo Pro
• 2010 Georgia County Weed Meeting
• 2010 SWSS - Palmer amaranth response to 2,4-D Cotton Weed Management Programs.
• 2009 Beltwide: Impact of Tillage on the Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer amaranth
• 2009: Georgia County Cotton Weed Update
• 2009 WSSA: Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer amaranth
• 2008 Beltwide: Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer amaranth response to weed management programs
   in Roundup Ready and Liberty Link cotton

• 2008 Beltwide: Managing Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth With Residual Herbicides
• 2008 SWSS: Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Response To Dicamba
• 2008 SWSS: Managing glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth in conventional and strip-till cotton
• 2007 Beltwide: Assessing Roundup Flex Cotton Tolerance to Over-the-top Applications of
   Glyphosate, Dual Magnum, Staple, PGR's and Insecticides

• 2007 Beltwide: Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: A Dilemma in Dixie
• 2007 Beltwide: Managing glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth in Liberty Link® cotton.
• 2007 Beltwide: Response of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth to Thirteen Residual Herbicides
• Comparing Volatility of Three Forms of 2,4-D when Applied in the Field
• Diversity and Integration: Keys to Surviving in a Palmer World
• Diversity and Integration To Preserve Conservation Tillage


• Peanut Response to Soil-Applied Liberty (Glufosinate) – APRES 2021
• Peanut Response to Soil-Applied Glyphosate
• Peanut Response to Diuron
• On-Farm Evaluations of Auxin Nozzles for Peanut Pest Management - Year 2
• Common Mistakes That Reduce Peanut Profitability - Weed Management
• Peanut Variety Response to Brake® (fluridone)
• Anthem Flex for Weed Control in Peanut
• Peanut Response To Metribuzin
• Peanut Response to Valor and Dual Magnum Under High Moisture Condtions (APRES 2019)
• On-Farm Evaluations of Auxin Nozzles For Peanut Pest Management
• Evaluation of A New TwinJet Nozzle for Weed Control in Peanut
• Peanut Response to Metribuzin
• Peanut Weed Control: Are We Out of Silver Bullets?
• 2014 New Peanut Cultivar Response to Paraquat Applications
• 2013 Impact of Dual Magnum on Peanut Yields in Georgia
• 2013 Peanut Weed Management Update
• 2012 Peanut Weed Control Update (County Extension Agents)
• 2011 Peanut Weed Control Update (County Extension Agents)
• 2010 Peanut Weed Control Update (County Extension Agents)
• 2009 Peanut Weed Control Update (County Extension Agents)
• 2009 Peanut Weed Management
• 2008 Peanut Weed Management Update
• 2007 Peanut Weed Management Update for County Agents
• 2006 Peanut Weed Management Update for County Agents
• 2005 Peanut Weed Control Update
• 2004 Peanut Weed Control Update for Georgia County Agents
• 2003 County Agent Training in Peanut Production - Weed Management
• 2002 Peanut Weed Control Update (County Agents)
• 2001 Peanut Weed Control Update
• 2000 Weed Control in Peanuts
• A Comparison of Full and Reduced Rate Weed Management Programs in Peanut
• A Look Back at the 2003 Weed Control Year in Peanut
• Adjusting Herbicide Programs to Emerging Weed Problems in Peanut
• Cadre/Fungicide Tank-Mixes in Peanut
• Cadre and Cotton: A Peanut Producer's Dilemma
• Continued Investigations on the Control of Tropical Spiderwort
• Control of Tropical Spiderwort (Commelina benghalensis) in Peanut with Selected Herbicides
• Cost-Effective Weed Management in Peanuts
• Extension Response to Contaminated 2,4-DB/Peanut Problems in 2007 (WSSA 2009)
• Farm Bill, Economics & Outlook for 2002
• How do we manage weeds in $355/ton peanuts?
• Influence of Cadre on Georgia Green Yield and Seed Germination (APRES 2005)
• Influence of Nozzle Type on Peanut Weed Control Systems
• Integrating Soil Applied Herbicides Into A Peanut Weed Management System
• Managing ALS-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Peanuts
• Managing Tropic Croton with Cadre/Ultra Blazer Tank-Mixes in Peanut
• New and Emerging Weed Problems & HADSS
• Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Pigweed Control Gone: An Update on ALS-Resistance
• Options for Controlling Florida Beggarweed in Peanuts
• Peanut Agent Training - 2008
• Peanut Response to Dicamba (Clarity)
• Peanut Response to Engenia and Enlist Duo (APRES 2017)
• Peanut Response to Foliar Applied Pyroxasulfone Tank-Mixtures
• Peanut Response to Ignite (glufosinate) in Georgia - 2010 (APRES 2011)
• Peanut Response to Simulated Drift Rates of 2,4-D
• Peanut Response to Valor Application Timings
• Peanut Response to Warrant (Acetochlor)
• Peanut Tolerance to KIH-485 in Georgia
• Peanut Weed Control in the Southeast - An Overview
• Peanut Weed Management Issues - 2006
• Peanut Weed Management: Where are we headed?
• Reduced Tillage and Row Patterns in Peanuts
• Strategies for Palmer Amaranth (Pigweed) Management in Peanut
• Strongarm Applied Postemergence in Georgia Peanut
• Strongarm Performance in Georgia - 2000
• The Influence of Classic on TSWV of Peanuts
• To Mix or Not to Mix: That is the Question? (Tank-mixing Herbicides and Fungicides)
• Tolerance of 'New' Peanut Varieties to 'Old' Herbicides
• Trends in Peanut Weed Control
• Weed Control in Strip-Tillage Peanuts
• Weed Control Programs in Peanut with Reflex, Sharpen, and Spartan (APRES 2010)
• Weed Management for Newer Peanut Counties
• Weed Management Practices Utilized by "Top" Peanut Producers in Georgia (2005-2006)





• 2014 Tift County Melon Update
• 2014: Fine Tuning The Fumigant System
• 2014 Weed Control Tactics - Alabama Vegetable Conference
• 2012 GFVGA: Herbicide Update
• 2012 GFVGA - Replacing MB
• 2012 MB Alternatives - Your Pick!
• 2012 Watermelon Production Meeting
• 2011: County Melon Update
• 2011 GFVGA: MB Alternatives - Will it Ever End??
• 2011 GFVGA: New Herbicide Update for Georgia Vegetables
• 2010: Methyl Bromide Update
• 2010: Vegetable New Products Update
• 2009: Implementing MB Alternatives
• 2009: Weed Management in Cucurbits
• 2008: Comparing MB Alternatives In Large Acreage On Farm Trials
• 2008: Methyl Bromide Alternatives Conference
• 2008: Replacing Methyl Bromide in Multiple Crop Plasticulture
• 2008: Vegetable Update
• 2006: MB Alternatives Being Developed in GA
• 2005: Weed Update
• 2003: Vegetable Update
• 2003: Vegetable Herbicide Update
• Eggplant Response to Topical and Precision-Directed Applications of Sandea (Halosulfuron)
• Methyl Bromide Alternatives To Manage Nutsedge
• Methyl Bromide Alternatives For Nutsedge in Eggplant and Pepper
• Methyl Bromide Alternatives For Nutsedge in Pepper
• Pepper Response to Sandea
• Purple Nutsedge Control and Cucumber Tolerance to Sandea (Halosulfuron)
• Squash Tolerance to Sandea and Applying Sandea Through Drip Tape
• The Search for MB Alternatives Continues During 2005
• Tolerance Of Staked Tomatoes Grown On Plastic Mulch To SANDEA (HALOSULFURON)
• Watermelon Update
• Weed Control and Cantaloupe Tolerance to Halosulfuron
• Weed Control And Watermelon Tolerance To Sandea
• Weed Control Without Methyl Bromide