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Dr. Tim R. Murphy
Extension Weed Scientist
University of Georgia
Griffin, GA

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  1. Weed Control in Homeowner Ornamentals
  2. Homeowner Ornamentals
  3. Homeowner Ornamentals
  4. Ornamental Weed Control Options
  5. #1 Home Owner Question
  6. Mechanical Control
  7. Landscape Fabrics
  8. Organic Mulches
  9. Organic Mulches
  10. Mulches
  11. Mechanical Control
  12. Hand Weed Control
  13. Mechanical Control
  14. Tillage Practices
  16. Ornamental - Homeowner Herbicides
  17. Equipment
  18. Ornamental Preemergence Herbicides
  19. Ornamental Preemergence Herbicides
  20. Homeowner - Selective POST Grass Control Herbicides
  21. Ornamentals -- Post-Grass Control
  22. Integrated Weed Management
  23. Florida Betony
  24. Florida Betony - Stachys floridana
  25. Florida Betony Control
  26. Bamboo
  27. Bamboo Control
  28. Bamboo Control
  29. Phyllanthus spp. - Biology
  30. Chamberbitter
  31. Chamberbitter - Phyllanthus niruri
  32. Longstalked Phyllanthus
  33. Longstalked Phyllanthus (Phyllanthus tenellus)
  34. Phyllanthus spp. - Control
  35. Phyllanthus spp. - Preemergence Control
  36. Phyllanthus spp. - Postemergence Control
  37. Phyllanthus spp. - Ineffective Herbicides
  38. Isoxaben Products - Homeowners
  39. EPTC Products - Homeowners
  40. Homeowner - Nutsedge Herbicides
  41. Sedge Herbicides - Ornamentals
  42. Basagran T/0 - Ornamentals
  43. Manage - Ornamentals
  44. Image - Ornamentals
  45. Dodder
  46. Dodder - Cuscuta spp.
  47. Dodder Control - Ornamentals

  1. Weed Control in Homeowner Ornamentals Tim R. Murphy The University of Georgia Landscape
  2. PPT Slide
  3. PPT Slide
  4. Ornamental Weed Control Options Hand-removal, hoeing Mulches Landscape fabrics Herbicides
  5. PPT Slide #1 Home Owner Question What can I spray on *&^#@!? weed to kill it and how much do I need??
  6. Mechanical Control Plastic or fabric thickness affects the degree of weed suppression. Clear and colored plastics that allow light penetration produce high temperatures in the upper surface. This build up of heat, solarization, kills germinating weed seeds. Fabric Mulches
  7. Landscape Fabrics Expensive Limited commercial use Very good option for homeowners Use high quality, non-woven, fused fabric Properly mulch
  8. Organic Mulches Straw, wood chips, pine straw, sawdust, newsprint, and other organic materials. These mulches also shade and physically hinder germinating seedlings
  9. Organic Mulches Coarse texture better than fine Texture more important than type 2 to 4 inch depth Renew as needed Nothing is permanent!
  10. Mulches control most weeds expensive?? good use of “waste” handling is often materials a pain Conserves water Advantages Disadvantages
  11. Mechanical Control Still used for weed control in high value crops Best control with small weeds ɜ inches Must understand how the weed develops (annuals vs. perennials) Hand Pulling and Hoeing
  12. Hand Weed Control keeps you in shape repetition is a must environmentally friendly can stimulate germination controls most weeds must be timely Inexpensive (if done by self Advantages Disadvantages
  13. Mechanical Control Controls many weeds that have emerged Incorporate fertilizers, lime Prepares seed or plant beds Tillage
  14. Tillage Practices control most weeds expensive?? quick and easy can’t get too close to crop – root pruning noise pollution Advantages Disadvantages
  16. Ornamental – Homeowner Herbicides Annual grass control available Preemergence and postemergence Pre and Post broadleaf weed control is difficult Use post graminicides for perennial grass control Vines, woody plant control is exceeding difficult
  17. PPT Slide
  18. Ornamental Preemergence Herbicides Primarily dinitroanilines Treflan, Surflan, Pendulum, Endurance, XL, Team Preen Preen-N-Green Snapshot - trifluralin + isoxaben
  19. Ornamental Preemergence Herbicides Products labeled for various species Irrigate-in if possible (1/2 inch) within 7 days Do not apply to wet foliage Match weeds to specific products Use fall + spring applications Rotate products if possible
  20. Homeowner - Selective POST Grass Control Herbicides Sethoxydim - Vantage, Hi-Yield Poast reseeding restriction: not listed Fluazifop - Dexol Grassout Greenlight Bermudagrass Killer Ortho Grass-B-Gon - reseeding restriction: 2 months
  21. Ornamentals – Post-Grass Control Use on any non-grass ornamental Trees, woodies, annuals, perennials Includes liriope, hosta, iris, daylily Don’t spray open blooms No “nutgrass” control Avoid applications on “scorchy-hot”, humid days
  22. Integrated Weed Management Integrating preventive, mechanical (mulches, fabrics), cultural and chemical methods is usually the most effective method of managing weeds in ornamentals.
  23. PPT Slide Florida betony
  24. Florida Betony - Stachys floridana Labitae (mint family) “Rattlesnake weed” perennial reproduces primarily by tubers opposite, serrated leaves occurs in turf and ornamentals
  25. Florida Betony Control Roundup, Finale Casoron applied in winter, very difficult to find, can be ordered at Southern States, commercial herbicide stores Use landscape fabric in ornamentals
  26. Bamboo Phyllostachys aurea Grass family rhizomatous rarely fruits no wildlife value full sun, partial shade native to China
  27. Bamboo Control No herbicide is labeled for the control of bamboo.
  28. Bamboo Control Roundup Pro, 2% v/v, apply to regrowth 3 to 6 feet tall, repeat, not on label Roundup Pro, 33% v/v, apply with gloved hand to husk stage, repeat, not on label MSMA, 2% v/v, will “knock” leaves off, repeat Mechanical barrier, 30 inches deep
  29. Phyllanthus spp. - Biology Summer annuals Spurge family Seeds require light Tolerates full sun and moderate shade
  30. PPT Slide Chamberbitter, niruri, gripeweed
  31. Chamberbitter - Phyllanthus niruri Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) niruri, gripeweed, leafflower summer annual, reproduces by seed alternate leaves, numerous leaflets inconspicuous flowers stalkless green, round fruit no milky juice
  32. PPT Slide Longstalked Phyllanthus
  33. Longstalked Phyllanthus (Phyllanthus tenellus) Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) summer annual, reproduces by seed alternate leaves, numerous leaflets inconspicuous flowers stalked green, round fruit no milky juice
  34. Phyllanthus spp. - Control Use mulch Apply early spring
  35. Phyllanthus spp. Preemergence Control Ronstar (not labeled for use in home landscapes) Rout (OHII - slightly less effective) Surflan + Gallery (Snapshot TG - less effective) Prodiamine (Factor, Endurance, Barricade) Gallery
  36. Phyllanthus spp. Postemergence Control Roundup Pro Finale Reward LS
  37. Phyllanthus spp. Ineffective Herbicides Basagran T/O Image MSMA Pennant Pendimethalin Balan
  38. Isoxaben Products - Homeowners PRE herbicide for control of annual broadleaf weeds Primarily used in woody ornamentals Gallery Greenlight Portrait Reseeding restrictions - 2 months
  39. EPTC Products - Homeowners PRE control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds Woody ornamentals, some flowers, groundcovers Preen for Groundcovers
  40. Homeowner - Nutsedge Herbicides Image – imazaquin reseeding restriction: 6 weeks Manage – halosulfuron -reseeding restriction: 4 weeks Bentazon Basagran T/O, Hi-Yield Basagran reseeding restriction: 0 week
  41. Sedge Herbicides -Ornamentals Basagran T/O - yellow, annual sedges Manage - yellow, purple, annual sedges Image - yellow, purple, annual sedges Pennant - yellow, annual sedges Preemergence only No homeowner package available
  42. Basagran T/0 - Ornamentals Directed spray around base of ornamentals Over-the-Top Hollies, ornamental cabbage, pachysandra Liriope, impatiens, marigold English ivy, petunia, ajuga “Safer”option for yellow nutsedge than Roundup Pro
  43. Manage - Ornamentals Post-directed around woody ornamentals New-transplants- wait 3 months Do not use in annuals or herbaceous perennials May be applied 4 weeks in advance of transplanting woody ornamentals
  44. Image - Ornamentals Over-the-top Junipers, Burford hollies, Helleri holly, Indian hawthorne, Liriope, mondograss, hostas, Red tip photinia Pachysandra, Asiatic & Confederate jasmine Do not apply over root zone of non-listed ornamentals Azalea, ligustrum, viburnum, pieris, abelia are severely injured by Image
  45. PPT Slide Dodder
  46. Dodder - Cuscuta spp. Convolvulaceae (morningglory family) rootless, leafless parasitic annuals “yellow spaghetti” prolific seed producer germinates early spring 8 species known in Georgia wide host range on broadleaf plants
  47. Dodder Control - Ornamentals Fumigate - Basamid Casoron, Norosac - woody ornamentals, may be difficult to find Dacthal - dropped by manufacturer Kerb - woody ornamentals, Restricted Use Herbicide Roundup, Finale