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Eric P. Prostko
Extension Weed Specialist
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
University of Georgia

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  1. New Developments in Field Crop Weed Control (corn, soybean, peanut, sorghum)
  2. Field Corn/Sorghum
  3. New Stuff
  4. DuPont's Q Products
  5. The influence of isoxadifen on corn injury, 7 DAT
  6. Kixor
  7. Kixor Corn Products
  8. Kixor - 2008
  9. Sharpen Corn Injury
  10. Optimum GAT Technology -- Glyphosate-ALS-Tolerance
  11. Potential GAT Corn Products
  12. GAT Field Corn - 2009
  13. GAT Field Corn - 2009
  14. DHT Technology
  15. DHT Corn
  16. Sorghum
  17. Grain Sorghum - 2009
  18. Grain Sorghum Future Weed Control Options?
  19. Soybeans
  20. Liberty-Link Soybeans
  21. Factors that Influence Weed Control with Roundup or Ignite
  22. Liberty-Link Soybeans - 2009
  23. Other New Soybean Products Floating Around
  24. Sharpen Soybean Injury
  25. NTC vs Sharpen 2oz/A
  26. PPO Injury
  27. On the Horizon
  28. DHT Soybeans
  29. Potential GAT Soybean Products
  30. Peanut
  31. Fusilade in Peanuts
  32. Fusilade/Bristly Starbur
  33. Ropewick vs. WeedWiper
  34. Prostko's Picks for Pigweed
  35. Residuals for Pigweed
  36. Why metribuzin on soybean?
  37. Metribuzin Soybean Tolerance
  38. We are overusing the PPO inhibiting herbicides!!!
  39. PPO-Resistant Waterhemp
  40. For More Weed Science Info

  1. New Developments in Field Crop Weed Control (corn, soybean, peanut, sorghum) Eric P. Prostko Extension Weed Specialists Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
  2. Field Corn/Sorghum
  3. New Stuff Q Products Kixor GAT DHT
  4. DuPont’s Q Products Accent Q nicosulfuron Steadfast Q Accent + Resolve Resolve Q rimsulfuron all contain a crop safener isoxadifen
  5. Kixor BASF saflufenacil PPO-inhibitor field corn, sorghum, soybeans may not be promoted in GA due to injury concerns on lighter soils <1.5% OM
  6. Kixor Corn Products Sharpen 2.85SC Saflufenacil Burndown PRE 2 oz/A Integrity Sharpen + Outlook
  7. Kixor - 2008 NTC Kixor + Outlook (PRE) 53 DAT
  8. Sharpen Corn Injury
  9. Optimum® GAT® Technology Glyphosate-ALS Tolerance Dupont/Pioneer Glyphosate metabolic inactivation mechanism Gene shuffling Insensitive ALS enzyme What does it bring to the table? Flexibility? 2010 or 2011?
  10. Potential GAT Corn Products Freestyle Classic + Harmony + Express Instigate Classic + Resolve + Callisto Traverse Classic + Resolve Trigate Resolve + Express + Callisto
  11. GAT Field Corn - 2009 NTC Trigate @ 5 oz/A + NIS Applied 20 DAP Resolve + Express + Callisto CN-05-09 June 2 53 DAP
  12. GAT Field Corn - 2009 NTC Instigate @ 6.9 oz/A + Atrazine @ 1 qt/A Applied PRE Resolve + Classic + Callisto CN-05-09 June 2 53 DAP
  13. DHT Technology Dow AgroSciences Herbicide Tolerance Enhanced tolerance to 2,4-D and “fops” Fops = Assure, Fusilade Commercially available 2012? Stacked with glyphosate and Herculex
  14. DHT Corn
  15. Sorghum
  16. Grain Sorghum - 2009 NTC Dual Magnum 7.62EC @ 1 pt/A (PRE) Atrazine 4L @ 1.5 qt/A + 1% Agridex (POST) SG-01-09 39 DAP
  17. Grain Sorghum Future Weed Control Options? ALS-Resistant Nicosulfuron (Accent) Rimsulfuron (Resolve) Metsulfuron (Ally) ACCase-Resistant “Fops” Assure II still susceptible to “Dims” Select or Poast Huskie Buctril + pyrasulfotole + safener (mefenpyr)
  18. Soybeans
  19. Liberty-Link Soybeans Not necessarily a direct replacement for Roundup! Use a residual herbicide in this system!!!!!!! Not usually good on pigweed bigger than 3” Tank-mixes with POST grass herbicides may reduce grass control Assure (10-21%); Fusilade (8-12%); Poast (25-41%); Select 4-22%) Variety performance?
  20. Factors that Influence Weed Control with Roundup or Ignite Source: Martinson et al. 2005. Crop Management (MN)
  21. Liberty-Link Soybeans - 2009 NTC Boundary 6.5EC @ 1.5 pt/A (PRE) Ignite 2.34SL @ 22 oz/A (19 DAP) 54 DAP Ponder Farm
  22. Other New Soybean Products Floating Around Flexstar GT (POST) Touchdown + Reflex Authority MTZ (PRE) Spartan + Sencor Cadet (POST) Another POST PPO product ET (POST) Another POST PPO product Kixor Sharpen (saflufenacil) Crop injury problems on our soils
  23. Sharpen Soybean Injury
  24. NTC (Plot# 310) SB-03-09 44 DAT 6/12/09 Sharpen @ 2 oz/A Roundup W-Max @ 22 oz/A COC @ 1% AMS @ 17 lb/100 gals Applied 32 DBP (Plot# 305)
  25. PPO Injury
  26. On the Horizon DHT Soybean (DowAgroScience Herbicide Tolerance) Enhanced tolerance to 2,4-D Stacked with glyphosate 2013? GAT Soybean (Glyphosate ALS Tolerance) DuPont 2011? Dicamba Resistant Soybeans Monsanto/BASF Stacked with glyphosate 2013?
  27. DHT Soybeans
  28. Potential GAT Soybean Products Diligent Valor + Classic + Resolve Freestyle Classic + Harmony + Express Traverse Classic + Resolve
  29. Peanut
  30. Fusilade in Peanuts Finally Labeled in 2009 How does it compare to Poast (P) or Select (S)??? Grass Weeds Bermudagrass (F=S>P) B. signalgrass (P=S>F) Goosegrass (F=P=S) TX panicum (P=S>F) Crabgrass (P=S>F) Bristly starbur control?
  31. Fusilade/Bristly Starbur Source: Dr. Greg MacDonald University of Florida
  32. Ropewick vs. WeedWiper Ponder Farm, 2009 ****Roller applicator was first mentioned in literature in 1977. Wyse, D.L and C. Habstritt. 1977. A roller herbicide applicator. Proc. North Cent. Weed Control Conf. 32:144-145.
  33. Prostko’s Picks for Pigweed Drill a well! Start Clean! Use a residual! POST treatments when 3” tall or less Remove escapes before seed production Think About the Future
  34. Residuals for Pigweed Corn = atrazine Peanut = Valor Cotton = Reflex Soybeans = Boundary or other metribuzin product?
  35. Why metribuzin on soybean? Not a PPO Good on pigweed Can be applied PPI Issues soil texture, OM, pH Varieties Rotations Company support Lack of incentive at dealer level Cost/A TriCor 75DF Metri 75DF DiMetric 75DF
  36. Metribuzin Soybean Tolerance Group IV: Asgrow 4903 RR/STS, Southern States RT4808 Group V: Asgrow 5905RR, AGS 568RR, Delta Pineland DP5634, Pioneer 95Y20, Pioneer 95Y40, Pioneer 95Y70, Southern States RT5951NRR Group VI: Asgrow 6301RR, Delta Pineland DP6568, Pioneer 96M60, Southern States RT 6451NRR, Vigoro V61N9 Group VII: AGS 758RR, Asgrow H7242, Benning, Dekalb H7242, Northrup King NKS 76L9, Northrup King NKS 78G6, Pioneer 97M50, USG 7732nRR, Vigoro V74N9, Woodruff Group VIII: Northrup King NKS 80P2, Prichard RR
  37. We are overusing the PPO inhibiting herbicides!!!!!!!! Resistance has already been reported in other areas!!! Common waterhemp 2001 (Kansas) 2002 (Illinois) 2003 (Missouri) Common ragweed 2005 (Delaware) Wild poinsettia 2004 (Brazil)
  38. PPO-Resistant Waterhemp (Dr. Bryan Young, Southern Illinois Univ.)
  39. For More Weed Science Info: 229-386-3328 (office) 229-392-1034 (cell)