Hypothesis<BR>The efficacy of contact herbicides, such as paraquat and lactofen, will be reduced when using a nozzle that provides a very coarse to ultra coarse droplet. <BR> <BR>Berger et al. (2014) found that lactofen efficacy in field was not reduced when using AI nozzle types (Peanut Science 41:120-123) <BR> <BR>Ramsdale and Messersmith (2001) found that paraquat efficacy is not reduced when using drift-reducing nozzles as compared to conventional flat fan nozzles (Weed Technology 15:453-460).  <BR> <BR>Other studies have shown reduced efficacy with reduced coverage <BR>Etheridge et al. 2001 Weed Technology 15:75-80 <BR>McKinlay et al. 1974 Weed Science 22:31-34 <BR>