Valor/Dual Magnum High Moisture Results - 2019<BR>No interactions between Valor and Dual Magnum <BR> <BR>Valor had no effect on J-rooting.  Dual Magnum @ 42 oz/A increased J-rooting by 25% <BR> <BR>Valor and Dual reduced early season peanut biomass (stunting) <BR> <BR>Valor @ 3 or 6 oz/A had no effect on yield <BR> <BR>Dual Magnum only reduced peanut yields @ 42 oz/A under these weed-free and high moisture conditions. <BR>16 and 21 oz/A =  No yield loss <BR>42 oz/A = 6.5% loss <BR> <BR>8.3 rainfall/ irrigation <BR>first 30 DAP<BR>