Important Dicamba Label Updates for 2019 - Soybean<BR>Xtendimax, Fexapan, Engenia formulations <BR>Only certified applicators can purchase and apply <BR>Records generated within  72 hours of application and kept for 2 years <BR>Minimum of 15 GPA <BR>POST applications no later than R1 or 45 DAP  <BR>Only 2 POST applications can be made (7 days apart) <BR>Sensitive crops must be surveyed and documented <BR>Sensitive crop/residential areas downwind  DO NOT APPLY <BR>Applications between 1 hour after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset <BR>110 downwind buffer + 57 omni-direction buffer around other sides of field in counties where endangered dicot species exist <BR>Additional clean-out instructions/warnings <BR>Spray mixture pH > 5.0 <BR> <BR>