Grazon P+D Label<BR>For the control of broadleaf annual and perennial weeds, and certain woody plants and vines on CRP, rangeland and permanent grass pastures. <BR>On areas treated with this product, do not rotate to crops intended for food or feed use, other than range or pasture grasses, rye, forage sorghum, sudangrass, wheat, barley or oats not underseeded with a legume.  <BR>Do not move treated soil, or use treated soil for growing other plants until soil residues of picloram are no longer detectable as indicated by an adequately sensitive bioassay or chemical test. <BR>Do not use grass or hay or plant materials from treated areas or manure from animals being fed treated forage or hay for composting or mulching of desirable, susceptible broadleaf plants. <BR>Do not use manure from animals grazing treated areas on land used for growing broadleaf crops, ornamentals, orchards or other susceptible, desirable plants. Manure may contain enough picloram to cause injury to susceptible plants.<BR>