Materials and Methods<BR>2020  2021 in Ty Ty, GA <BR>Two different studies <BR> <BR>Treatments arranged in CRD, 4 replications <BR>3 (Time) X 4 (Rate) Factorial <BR> <BR>Plots planted in twin-row configuration on 1.83 m x 7.62 m beds <BR>Maintained Weed-Free  <BR> <BR>Peanut Variety:  <BR>GA-06G <BR> <BR>Herbicide Rates and Timings: <BR>PRE (1 DAP), 28 DAP, 58 DAP <BR>Imazapyr: 0, 4.2 (1/100th X), 42 (1/10th X), 420 g ai ha-1 (1X)  <BR>Arsenal Powerline 2AS <BR>Triclopyr: 0, 8.4 (1/100th X), 84 (1/10th X), 840 g ai ha-1 (1X) <BR>Garlon 3A <BR> <BR>Standard small plot application techniques <BR>