Dicamba Label Changes for 2018  Required Records<BR>Certified Applicator Name <BR>Applicator Certification Number <BR>Product Name <BR>EPA registration Number <BR>Total Amount Applied <BR>Application Date <BR>Location of application <BR>Crop or site of application <BR>Size of area treated <BR>Training Requirement: Proof of auxin training <BR>Application timing: PRE or number of days after planting <BR>Receipts of Product Purchase <BR>Products Labels <BR>Buffer Requirements: record buffer distance calculations <BR>Sensitive Crop Awareness: Applicator must survey and document neighboring fields for sensitive areas or crops <BR>Spray Systems Cleanout:  Must be documented that applicator complied with label. <BR>Tank-Mix-Products: complete list of all approved products that were tank-mixed <BR>Application Start and Finish Times <BR>Nozzle Selection <BR>Air Temperature:  At boom height for start and finish <BR>Wind Speed/Direction: At boom height for start and finish <BR>