What is labeled? (not much)<BR>PPI <BR>Sonalan or Treflan <BR>PPI or PRE <BR>Prowl, Dual Magnum, Spartan <BR>POST <BR>Arrow, Assure II, Select, Poast, SelectMax (grasses only) <BR>Beyond (imazamox) <BR>only on Clearfield hybrids <BR>Beyond same family as Cadre, Pursuit, and Scepter <BR>Beyond costs about $525/gal (4 ozs/A = $16.41/A) <BR>$157/bag (200,000 seed ~ 10 acres) = $15.70/A <BR>Clearfield sunflower hybrids are not GMO’s <BR>Hooded Sprayer  <BR>Aim 2EC @ 1-2 oz/A + COC @ 1% v/v <BR>Pigweeds  must be 4” or less  <BR>