13 d<BR>5 d<BR>10 d<BR>1 hr before sunrise<BR>56 c<BR>Palmer Control by Liberty System as Influenced by Time of Day. Evaluation at Harvest.*<BR>Time of Day Liberty was Applied<BR>Tifton, GA <BR>Irrigated<BR>%<BR>98 a<BR>98 a<BR>88 b<BR>98 a<BR>1/2 hr before sunrise<BR>1 hr after sunrise<BR>2 hr after sunrise<BR>4 hr after sunrise<BR>6 hr after sunrise<BR>sunrise<BR>1/2 hr after sunrise<BR>*Liberty 32 oz/A POST 1 (5 Palmer), Liberty POST 2 (18 d later), Diuron + MSMA layby<BR>